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Copilot is the next-generation AI-powered customer support terminal for ultra-professional teams.
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AI-Powered command center for high-efficiency support teams.
Nothing can replace the expertise and experience of a skilled support agent. That's why Copilot is designed to be a tool that enhances your skills, not replaces them. With our AI-powered platform, you can improve your efficiency and response times, while maintaining the high level of support that your customers expect.
Incredibly versatile integration with your webpage, app, and other channels
Ticket tagging and prioritization automation
You no longer need to spend time manually tagging and prioritizing tickets. Our platform uses advanced automation to categorize and prioritize tickets for you, allowing you to divert your attention to what is most critical at the moment.
Smart macro generation and contextual suggestion
Our AI-powered platform can suggest the best macros to use based on the context of the ticket, saving you time and effort while ensuring consistent and high-quality support.
Consistent brand voice and communication style
We know how important it is to maintain a consistent brand voice and communication style. That's why our platform is designed to help you achieve this effortlessly. Our built-in AI assistant scans over the all agent’s conversations and delivers suggestions to each of them making sure the consistent style is followed by the whole team.
Personalized suggestions for each agent
Copilot is like having a personal coach for every member of your support team. By analyzing each agent's interactions and results, Copilot can intuitively suggest improvements to those who may be falling behind.
Post-chat customer survey analysis
Our platform uses AI to analyze customer feedback to learn faster as well as provide you with actionable insights that can help you improve your support services and customer experience.
Central analytics hub
Built-in comprehensive view of your support performance. Our platform uses advanced analytics to help you identify trends, track KPIs, and gain insights into your team's performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that improve your support services.
Be the first to adopt and help your customers succeed faster and with style.
Copilot is currently in closed beta and we are working hard to make it available to everyone. Join the waitlist for early access.
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